Thursday, August 25, 2011

La di da..... Exerpt , read if you dare......

The soft talk placed the weatherman in a deep erotic abyss. "Mmm, that feels so good" he murmured through the opening of the massage table.
"You haven't felt anything yet baby" said Natasha, climbing on top of Dick as she straddled his back. In her hand is the saturated cloth of chloroform that she blindly lifted from the shelf. Inching up his to mid back she bent over and kissed his shoulders and whispered in his ear this spooky jingle, "La di da, I am a naughty girl, you shouldn't sham, you know who I am."
"Who are you, you naughty girl?" asked a groggy Dick.
With that said Natasha forcibly reached under the table and plunged the wet rag over Dick's nose and mouth. He struggled for a moment trying to pull her hands away and knock her off, but the dose was too potent. Dick collapsed into a deep flaccid sleep.
Natasha quickly hopped off Dick, blew her straight bangs out of her face, and said to her sleeping victim "Well… I'm the tear avenger you simple fool."

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