Saturday, October 29, 2011

Forbidden World

Tear Avenger Teasers: Poem from chapter 7

Forbidden World
The minds of the innocent painted in peace and harmony
Are sold into a reality of sadistic matrimony
Showered with ribbons for their hair
And designer clothes to wear
They are slaves drowning in a sexual despair
Forbidden world
Forbidden world
Where dark phantoms and black shadows whirl
Forbidden world
Forbidden world
A land of erotica
And lost little girls
Is there an escape
Or is it just a dream
A haywire matrix?
A cunning scheme?
Threats and brutality
Are the language of the master
Who devise secret meetings
Of devastating disasters
Like in a spell
It's a living hell
In this forbidden world

Tear Avenger making it happen..

Tear Teaser :
"If we sleep with the light on he won't come in. My mommy told me once when we were hiding from the Dragon, that evil only survives in the dark and light exposes its weakness. I'm going to turn on the light" said Victoria wiggling out from underneath the bed. "Everything will be okay."

Careful , not to fall into her trap..

Tear Teaser :
"Your face Natasha!" Vicki assessed the damage done by the would be rapist and murderer.
"Yes he punched me, but it's a small price to pay for life." Natasha‟s words wrapped around Victoria's heart and awakened her to how precious life is and that how she was going to end hers.
"God works in mysterious ways," whimpered Victoria.
"He does and I am forever indebted to you Victoria." The two girls were embracing on the floor, when all of a sudden Natasha passionately kissed Victoria who did not pull away from the bold move.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Tear Avenger , the novella , She'll F#$@ U UP

Tear Avenger Teaser :


Stress? Well that's my specialty. Why don't you let me relieve some of that stress, Honey! Just like you did last week and the week before that and all the months you have been coming here with your sick requests treating me and the other girls you see like pigs. Pushing us around and threatening us to relieve your stress! I don't know who you are mister, but you must be someone important the way you sneak in here hiding that wedding ring in your pocket just to get that pathetic pecker (pointing at groin) de-stressed! Hmmm! I wonder what your wife or your family would think of your disgusting hairy back and fat ass on camera being the pervert you really are. What do you think they would say about that baby? ...

Hotter then ......ev..errr

Tear Avenger Teaser :
The girl is slowly massaging up and down man's spine. Her breasts gently touch his shoulder as she leans into his ear to whisper something

Beautiful Girl
(in a sexy voice)
Turn over honey, all done

She fixes her top teasingly.

Beautiful Girl
"Anything else you want?" Get all the naughtyness here and get SPANKTIFIED >>

Be a victim...

Tear Avenger Teaser :
Responding to the compelling moment Constantine shakily stands and pushes his chair away from dining room table. In a low drunken bellow he says to his frightened family "Those who God wishes to destroy he first drives mad." He exits the room with a satanic giggle and then fades into the glow of the parlor room that is warmed by the eeriness of the dancing fire. Get your blood stained copy here...

La di da... I am a naughty girl....

Tear Avenger Teaser :
Mysteriously, one month ago, this blond, deep blue eyed, beautiful, young Russian woman came into Julian‟s life.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Blood spurted from the wound as the 2 x 4 was attached to the man‟s head like it was meant to be there.


After a week off , Joshua Heights is back to writing , Be like a Bee and put your life into the sting..