Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A good movie

I made my acting debut in this movie , where I a have only a small part ( 5 lines ) and play an FBI  agent tracking a terrorist . Available on

for a free 18 minute look at the movie and a quick view of my part click the link. Joshua heights is FBI agent #1

Sunday, March 27, 2011

the 3 amigos

only if my eyes could eat . they are open more than my mouth
cooking  , writing , sleeping , not always in that order.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some unedited text from chapter two : The Fire Breathing Dragon

Now standing over his wife , still gripping her hair, Constantine holds Alexandria’s head cocked back in an abnormal position and in a low subterranean growl utters , “ charm can be deceiving my dear and beauty fades away ( shouting now ) but a woman! who honors the lord deserves to be praised ! You ! You ! Deserve punishment ! “ the dragon drones while twisting the hair he is gripping tighter and tighter so tight that Alexandria cannot blink her eyes. “ Please Connie please ! What did I do ? , What did I do?” ! Cried Alexandria. What did you do ? What did you do !! ? You ask ? You don’t even know when you sin ? You wicked woman ! What did you do ? Blasted the dragon, spitting into the face of his hysterical hostage . The yellowy mucus landing under Alexandria’s left eye where a bluish pink bruise still remains from the last fellowship of terror. You’re a cow woman , chewing like a cow the food you shove into your mouth before saying grace to our lord and savior ! Not even thanking him , not thanking meee ! For providing this mess you cook and then cram into your pig shaped body ! Leaning in closer to Alexandria he snorts in her ear , ‘ snort snort , what a big fat piggy you are. Practically unable to speak Alexandria in a stuttered whimpering whisper says “ I’m sorry Constantine , please let go of my hair , please? It hurts so bad , your ripping it out of my head . Little droplets of blood began to ooze from detaching roots and as she pleaded more he twisted tighter and the ooze turned into a drip and the drip streamed over her forehead and down her neck, and the dragon liked this.
If you havent heard her, listen then buy !

Monday, March 21, 2011

A teaser from chapter 1 of The Tear Avenger

Victoria’s Revelation
Day / outside / sunshine . Act 1 Scene 1 Fade into scene
An aspiring writer, Julian Zimbato who is also the owner of Zimbato’s Pizzeria has for months now been searching for the inspiration for a story to tell and as the old cliché goes “ be careful what you wish for “ Julian’s motivator was never what he expected. It was a sunny warm morning in the city of Philadelphia and the bustle of pedestrians consume the sidewalk on South street as well in front of Zimbato’s Pizzeria. Inside, Julian is in the kitchen preparing a batch a dough. Between the hum of a industrial sized mixer and the clanging of soda bottles by a delivery driver, a faint knock comes to the front door Julian peeks his head from around a wall , nods and smiles at his early morning visitor. He then checks his watch ( 9: 30 am ) the pizzeria does not open until 11: 00 am. He wipes his hands and walks towards the front door. One month ago this mysteriously blond, deep blue eyed beautiful young Russian woman came into Julian’s life. Coming to the door of his restaurant, hoping to get a bite to eat. Because of her odd hours at work this was her dinner time . Julian did not see any harm , it is the city after all and people work all sorts of odd hours so he invited in the unknown woman. She has been coming back once a week for her bite to eat and is about to share something with Julian

Sunday, March 20, 2011  The official joshua heights website. Even though this site is under construction please feel free to visit and watch the excitment about The Tear Avenger unfold.

Monday, March 14, 2011


                                                Four till midnight six evenings a week I am a chef . By the time I arrive home it is 1: 00 am , my brain is racing , but my body and my eyes so very tired. During my drive from the kitchen to my house  I wonder what the characters within my book, The Tear Avenger have been up to. As scenarios drift in and out of my mind that wonderful feeling of inspiration comes over me and the chef becomes a writer.
Pulling up to my home on the darkend street deserted, quiet , I stear into my drive way and park under a towering oak. Surrounded by the darkness , the air chilled enough to see my breath , the sky clear , filled with  flickering stars and the moon glowing full , perfect for writing. Showered and a bit relaxed I open my laptop , it comes to life and on the screen the words to my final chapter stare into my soul and ask , " where have you been ? " Seated at my desk in front of the computer I connect to the internet  log onto ambient 365 then click radio mystic. The atmosphere in my office is now at the required level for writing , candle lit , mysterious music and the window cracked a bit to let in that invigorating chilly air. Only if I could see my breath as I write. Then it happens , the glow of the neon 7 11 sign a few doors down beckons me to come for coffee and a lemon tasty kake. I go , I walk , I see my breath as the moon and stars follow me. The Pakistani who works the overnite shift is as useual arguing with someone thru his bluetooth in his native tongue, I find this amusing . I pay for my coffee and lemon Tasty Kake and walk back home still feeling the eyes of the universe upon me. Seated once again in front of my laptop in the ambient atmosphere of my inspiration , creativity blooms and as I enter my book I see that the characters within it have been up to no good , and I like it and I see my breath as steam from my coffee and this is how I write , nite after nite after dark chilly eyes upon me nite. The Tear Avenger by Joshua Heights , chilling  , breath taking , terroristic, dark and lemony ,hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Joshua Heights and shooting story boards for The Tear Avenger.

Please sit back , close your eyes and listen to Dream Theater tell a story of a trapped soul in this 24 min musical epic. And by the time you open your eyes The Tear Avenger will have you crying tears of liquid salvation. This CD available on

Tuesday, March 1, 2011