Saturday, February 26, 2011

Exerpt from the Prologue , The Tear Avenger

Most of us have a hobby ,a passion lets say , something that has meaning behind the pursuit. The interest could be anything from gardening to studying the universe to obtain piece of mind , relaxation or even to avenge.But for young Victoria Pernova her hobby is collecting tears her mothers tears. This passion  began when Victoria was nine years old while living with her family in the small middle class town of Ustinov Russia. Her odd habit of tear collecting was fueled by the years of physical and emotional abuse she witnessed her mother ( Alexandria ) endure from the hands of her father ( Constantine ) . Constantine was a ferocious alcoholic who's mind was warped by decades as an enforcer for the KGB. While on assignment somewhere in the west Connie was introduced to Christianity and like anything Constantine believed in with all his polluted heart he would twist the understanding of it into his own fanatical abstracts and anyone who would test , disagree or confront him about his beliefs would become his enemy. Now , taking his new found passion home with him Connie would force disturbing devotions and long distressing prayers upon his family. If he did not have his wife's full attention he would attain it the one way he knew how ...Violence. Connie would beat his views into his wife with his weapon of choice , a thick leather bound blood stained bible. A tool he says was written to teach lost sinners the commandments , his commandments ....

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Report Abuse

Let the Tear Avenger know what your beast has done to you , release your dark secrets with tears of sorrow, and watch the Avenger wipe them away, then your dragon she will slay, giving you liquid salvation.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

one of the many pages written on one of many sleepless nites

Exerpt from the soon to be released ebook The Tear Avenger

The Tear Avenger : Her heart so woeful and torn
she cries for peace entangled in scorn
A witness to the oppression and evil abuse
that spews from the dragons ever burning fuse

By the embers glow she quivers from the blows
endured by the one who's blood pools and flows
Now cradled to her bosom consumed in fear
daughter consoles mother drowning in tears
As the battered and bruised breathed her last breath
the dragon stands near smiling at delicious death

and says ... This daughter dear is the way of the wicked
in hell you will burn too because you are afflicted "

Not giving in to the dragons specter she slays him dead ... behold ... The Tear Avenger

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines day from The Tear Avenger

Its not  passionate love you will be crying about this Valentines day , but the guilt and remorse  over flowing from deep within your soul that will be oozing out in the form of bloody hot toxic tears and into the hands of The Tear Avenger..........

All of us have a dragon thats needs slaying.....

                        " There is no story more moving to me , personally than one in which one woman saves the life of another , and saves herself , and slays whatever dragon has appeared ".......
                                                                                                               Alice Walker