Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tear Avenger now causing havoc on

Tear Avenger (Volume 1)

(excerpt from the novella Tear Avenger by Joshua Heights)
Deep in the mind of man
there is a place where the cravings for wickedness began.
In that shadowy hallway of diminished life
weeds of cruelty and anger grow with might
– allowing evil thoughts to embed in the hemispheres
causing the possessed soul to feed off another's fears.
These dastardly desires are crook,
causing uncontrollable yearnings
as natural as a deer pants for a brook
Oh where in the mind does this brutality bloom ?
Well….one might say …..
it is in you too –
it is the place, Where Monsters Play
Copyright 2011 by Joshua Heights       

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  1. Life has a very unpredictable twist for Victoria. She suffers a great deal of mental torture from the Dragon (Constantine) her father. The numerous painful tears she weeps are swallowed in secret. Her mother on the other side is tied in the religious complication of her husband. (The drank pastor, only philosophical after a bottle of vodka) The spirit of avenging comes out after she witnesses the death of her darling mother who is killed by the dragon. Her tears avenge her mother’s death.

    She is taken over by the Ragusa’s and as a total orphan she gets comfort in her cousin Millanna who suffers the same predicament. Together they, but with Millanna effecting the act send Nino Ragusa Millana's, father to where Monsters Play. This brings a different turn to their life. They are send to stay with a family friend in a Russian city who in turn sells them to a one Armand Decosta a notorious human trafficker from Philadelphia. Natasha who knew Victoria way back in Russia does the perfect work of avenging those tormenting the love of her life. With the help of Julian Zimbato the long separated family is reunited in a remorseful reunion.

    Come on guys go get yourselves a copy of this classic novella and you will get the worth of your money.

    It’s a fantastic, I mean fabulous, oh no I mean a splendid tale