Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vintage Tear Avenger video... a must see

   Tear Avenger (Volume 1)
                                                       Exerpt , from TEAR AVENGER

On the nightstand next to the bed were the tools that caused her condition we now know as blue aquanaut. A bent silver spoon, a hypodermic needle with the plunger fully depressed a lighter a quart of vodka with dark pink lipstick around the rim. Victoria was immersed in an opium alcohol filled aquarium. Her brain was not thinking or reasoning just bobbing in her skull much the same as a dissolving bouillon cube. Then slowly turning her head in a hydrodynamic way towards the bedroom window she watched, mesmerized at the dramatic nocturnal performance of raindrops the sagging and weaving branches of the ghostly oak and the flickering shadows upon her wall. The turbulent trio rocked her to sleep like a demented lullaby. The longer she gazed deeply the more her eyes slowly nodded like withering roses sending her off to a freakish nightmare about dragons, monsters, and misery... oh my.

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