Monday, March 21, 2011

A teaser from chapter 1 of The Tear Avenger

Victoria’s Revelation
Day / outside / sunshine . Act 1 Scene 1 Fade into scene
An aspiring writer, Julian Zimbato who is also the owner of Zimbato’s Pizzeria has for months now been searching for the inspiration for a story to tell and as the old cliché goes “ be careful what you wish for “ Julian’s motivator was never what he expected. It was a sunny warm morning in the city of Philadelphia and the bustle of pedestrians consume the sidewalk on South street as well in front of Zimbato’s Pizzeria. Inside, Julian is in the kitchen preparing a batch a dough. Between the hum of a industrial sized mixer and the clanging of soda bottles by a delivery driver, a faint knock comes to the front door Julian peeks his head from around a wall , nods and smiles at his early morning visitor. He then checks his watch ( 9: 30 am ) the pizzeria does not open until 11: 00 am. He wipes his hands and walks towards the front door. One month ago this mysteriously blond, deep blue eyed beautiful young Russian woman came into Julian’s life. Coming to the door of his restaurant, hoping to get a bite to eat. Because of her odd hours at work this was her dinner time . Julian did not see any harm , it is the city after all and people work all sorts of odd hours so he invited in the unknown woman. She has been coming back once a week for her bite to eat and is about to share something with Julian

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