Monday, March 14, 2011


                                                Four till midnight six evenings a week I am a chef . By the time I arrive home it is 1: 00 am , my brain is racing , but my body and my eyes so very tired. During my drive from the kitchen to my house  I wonder what the characters within my book, The Tear Avenger have been up to. As scenarios drift in and out of my mind that wonderful feeling of inspiration comes over me and the chef becomes a writer.
Pulling up to my home on the darkend street deserted, quiet , I stear into my drive way and park under a towering oak. Surrounded by the darkness , the air chilled enough to see my breath , the sky clear , filled with  flickering stars and the moon glowing full , perfect for writing. Showered and a bit relaxed I open my laptop , it comes to life and on the screen the words to my final chapter stare into my soul and ask , " where have you been ? " Seated at my desk in front of the computer I connect to the internet  log onto ambient 365 then click radio mystic. The atmosphere in my office is now at the required level for writing , candle lit , mysterious music and the window cracked a bit to let in that invigorating chilly air. Only if I could see my breath as I write. Then it happens , the glow of the neon 7 11 sign a few doors down beckons me to come for coffee and a lemon tasty kake. I go , I walk , I see my breath as the moon and stars follow me. The Pakistani who works the overnite shift is as useual arguing with someone thru his bluetooth in his native tongue, I find this amusing . I pay for my coffee and lemon Tasty Kake and walk back home still feeling the eyes of the universe upon me. Seated once again in front of my laptop in the ambient atmosphere of my inspiration , creativity blooms and as I enter my book I see that the characters within it have been up to no good , and I like it and I see my breath as steam from my coffee and this is how I write , nite after nite after dark chilly eyes upon me nite. The Tear Avenger by Joshua Heights , chilling  , breath taking , terroristic, dark and lemony ,hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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