Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Some unedited text from chapter two : The Fire Breathing Dragon

Now standing over his wife , still gripping her hair, Constantine holds Alexandria’s head cocked back in an abnormal position and in a low subterranean growl utters , “ charm can be deceiving my dear and beauty fades away ( shouting now ) but a woman! who honors the lord deserves to be praised ! You ! You ! Deserve punishment ! “ the dragon drones while twisting the hair he is gripping tighter and tighter so tight that Alexandria cannot blink her eyes. “ Please Connie please ! What did I do ? , What did I do?” ! Cried Alexandria. What did you do ? What did you do !! ? You ask ? You don’t even know when you sin ? You wicked woman ! What did you do ? Blasted the dragon, spitting into the face of his hysterical hostage . The yellowy mucus landing under Alexandria’s left eye where a bluish pink bruise still remains from the last fellowship of terror. You’re a cow woman , chewing like a cow the food you shove into your mouth before saying grace to our lord and savior ! Not even thanking him , not thanking meee ! For providing this mess you cook and then cram into your pig shaped body ! Leaning in closer to Alexandria he snorts in her ear , ‘ snort snort , what a big fat piggy you are. Practically unable to speak Alexandria in a stuttered whimpering whisper says “ I’m sorry Constantine , please let go of my hair , please? It hurts so bad , your ripping it out of my head . Little droplets of blood began to ooze from detaching roots and as she pleaded more he twisted tighter and the ooze turned into a drip and the drip streamed over her forehead and down her neck, and the dragon liked this.

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