Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sample Sunday , Tear Teaser...

 Poem / Prologue
Most of us have a hobby, a passion let's say, something that puts meaning behind the pursuit. The interest could be anything from gardening to studying the universe to obtain peace of mind, relaxation or even to avenge. However, for young Victoria Pernova her hobby is collecting tears, her mother‟s tears. This passion began when Vicki was nine years old while living with her family in the small middle class town of Ustinov Russia. Her odd habit of tear collecting was fueled by the years of physical and emotional abuse she witnessed her mother (Alexandria) endure from the hands of her father (Constantine).
Constantine was a ferocious alcoholic whose mind was warped by decades as an enforcer for the KGB. While on assignment in the west he was introduced to Christianity. And like anything Connie believed in with all his polluted, heart he would twist the understanding of it into his own fanatical abstracts, and anyone who would test, disagree or confront him about his beliefs would become his enemy. Now, taking his new found passion home with him, Connie forced his disturbing devotions and long, distressing prayers upon his family. As Vicki and Alexandria were seated before Connie in the family‟s parlor room, he would wait for wrong answers and heedless looks to his alcohol induced provoking sermons and his convoluted understanding of the Holy Scriptures. If the sudden outburst of vulgar obscenities that he hurled at his frightened family for not conforming to his way of thinking didn‟t get there undivided attention, he would resort to the one deed he knew could. Violence! Constantine would beat his views into his wife. Viciously attacking her with his blood stained weapon of choice, a thick, leather bound bible. A tool he says was written to teach lost sinners the commandments, his commandments. This entire brutality would always take place in front of little Victoria, who after the beatings would tend to her battered and bruised mother by gently wiping away her endless tears. Victoria would then carefully fold each tissue and place them within the pages of her diary where she wrote down all of the horrific details of her life. During one particularly cold blooded and heinous attack, Victoria found herself cradling her mother‟s lifeless body. The Dragon (what Vicki secretly calls her father) stood behind a makeshift pulpit, stiff as a statue, immersed in a bottle of his liquid salvation, watching the carnage with blood shot malicious eyes. Then, with a surly gait, he slithered behind his only child and in a condescending tone shot wickedness from his tongue. With a frigid hand on his daughters shoulder he said, "See Victoria, see what happens when you sin? God himself is the punisher." And then, ordered his daughter up to her room. Victoria defied her father‟s orders and remained at her mother‟s side. "Honor your father Victoria," roared the dragon as he forcibly lifted her up to her feet not knowing there were two things different about his timid little girl. First, a seed of courage was planted in her heart. And second, she was holding a loaded pearl handled revolver with thoughts of vindication tantalizing her adolescent mind.
Victoria is then adopted by an aunt and uncle and again is witness to sickening abuse. This time her cousin is the victim. Two years go by. Victoria and her just as beautiful cousin, Millanna, find themselves in dire dread. The pair is then sent to America by someone with devious intentions, who sells the teenagers to a psychotic entrepreneur.
His name… Armand Decosta. His business… prostitution and his newest venture a project called EF. This lucrative scheme is an adult website featuring the girls he has purchased in twenty four hour live feeds performing erotic sex acts and often being subjected to abuse by the hands of there so called gentlemen callers. All of the enigmatic entertainment caught secretly by hidden cameras within this posh massage parlor playfully named European Fling that is camouflaged perfectly within the city of Philadelphia. If the girls of EF rebuke their duties, they are threatened with being placed into the hands of the Russian mob, or worse, into the clutches of The Advisor, a thug on Decosta‟s payroll.
Victoria and Millanna are in a lost predicament with no escape or no one to turn to for help, slaves to the sex fiend viewers of the World Wide Web and Armand‟s money machine, until someone in European Fling has had enough. Soon popular figures known throughout the city begin to disappear. Decosta‟s empire is crumbling around him, and the police have no leads and no suspects connected to the missing men. It‟s as if they have just vanished like ghost. But we know who is at work here don‟t we? Ah yes…Tear Avenger.

Tear Avenger

Her heart so woeful and torn
She cries for peace entangled in scorn
A witness to the oppression and wicked abuse
That spews from the Dragon‟s ever burning fuse
By the embers glow she quivers from the blows
Endured by the one whose blood pools and flows
Now cradled to her bosom consumed in fear
Daughter consoles mother drowning in tears
As the battered and bruised breathed her last breath
The Dragon stands near smiling at delicious death
And says,
"This daughter dear is the way of the wicked
In hell you will burn because you are afflicted "
Not giving in to the Dragons specter
She slays him dead …… Behold ….. Tear Avenger

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