Friday, October 28, 2011

Tear Avenger , the novella , She'll F#$@ U UP

Tear Avenger Teaser :


Stress? Well that's my specialty. Why don't you let me relieve some of that stress, Honey! Just like you did last week and the week before that and all the months you have been coming here with your sick requests treating me and the other girls you see like pigs. Pushing us around and threatening us to relieve your stress! I don't know who you are mister, but you must be someone important the way you sneak in here hiding that wedding ring in your pocket just to get that pathetic pecker (pointing at groin) de-stressed! Hmmm! I wonder what your wife or your family would think of your disgusting hairy back and fat ass on camera being the pervert you really are. What do you think they would say about that baby? ...

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