Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Something new and exciting....!!

Tear Avenger to be released on Barnes and Noble's nook . Look for it soon ! Also I am back to writing. Tear Avenger 2 .. Terror on Tybee and a NEW novella entitled "Knight in the Forest of the Pons ( Journey to the Syndrome ) is in the works . A small exerpt


Knight in the Forest of the Pons 
( Journey to the Syndrome )                                                    
Once upon a time in the ancient Kingdome of Demos lived a Knight who was as brave as his armor shone with might. In many battles he was victorious, conquering ruthless Raiders of the Royal Palaces, avenging suffering damsels and slaying fierce dragons. But a war the likes he has never encountered of epic proportions is set before him. It was the month of January on the frigid evening of fourteen as the moon glimmered full over the Kingdome and also over the home of the  Knight and his family. Twice on  this lovely earth his wife did give birth and on this eve of their second born snow drops fell, giving way to this story to tell ......

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