Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Exerpt from the soon to be released ebook The Tear Avenger

The Tear Avenger : Her heart so woeful and torn
she cries for peace entangled in scorn
A witness to the oppression and evil abuse
that spews from the dragons ever burning fuse

By the embers glow she quivers from the blows
endured by the one who's blood pools and flows
Now cradled to her bosom consumed in fear
daughter consoles mother drowning in tears
As the battered and bruised breathed her last breath
the dragon stands near smiling at delicious death

and says ... This daughter dear is the way of the wicked
in hell you will burn too because you are afflicted "

Not giving in to the dragons specter she slays him dead ... behold ... The Tear Avenger

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